Red Apple Inc.

Red Apple Inc is a global provider of IT & Process outsourcing services. Our management members have extensive experience in managing large IT applications in real time as well as in providing high value services. Our customers enjoy high value services with optimized cost of ownership.

We are a experienced young company.  Our varied talent base guarantees value beyond customer & partner expectations.  We believe in “Customer Delight” and believe in consistent delivery of the same.

Red Apple Inc Divisions


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Our clients and Partners would benefit in many ways.
  • Our management members come with global experience and get involved in every customer engagement personally
  • Our complete talent pool is available on need basis for seeing customer through to their success
  • Diverse backgrounds of our team / associate members bring in multi-dimensional thought process into every engagement, thus increasing value brought to the table
  •  We strive through complex process to provide simple and effective solution that are result oriented
  • Our partners’ success is directly coupled with our success. We work with scope that may or may not have defined boundaries
  • We let our customers explore their point of view through us., providing a platform to explore possibilities and “what if” scenarios.



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