Employment Exchange

Employment Exchange is staffing division of Red Apple Inc.

Employment Exchange has been a leader in creating work and career opportunities. Most respected companies have steadily turned to Employment Exchange for strategic and effective staffing solutions. We are the staffing company of choice in India and US for many leading employers across a wide range of industries.

We are well equipped to understand, anticipate and quickly respond to the every changing staffing needs of organizations. We develop staffing solutions catering to individual needs our customers.

Our unique strengths and extensive experience will benefit your business in India, US and anywhere else in the globe thru our associate network. Our value includes

  • Respected and result oriented company
  • Strong associate network front ended by Employment Exchange
  • Self funded and going strong
  • high level of integrity and responsibility
  • Broad spectrum of employment and management solutions
  • Innovative recruiting and retention strategies across industries

Permanent Staffing

Employment Exchange's permanent recruitment operation was established to provide a high-quality, professional recruitment service and staffing solutions in all markets and levels.

Our quality staffing solutions have a fully integrated staff recruitment and selection process.  It includes detailed assignment briefing and testing procedures, as well as optional psychometric assessments and behavioral tests.  Refrence checks and tests ensure you get people tight fitting to your requirements

We offer

  • Red Apple Inc, certified technically skilled candidates
  • Red Apple Inc, certified soft skill trained candidates
  • Pre qualified database of skilled technology candidates
  • Sourcing qualified candidates thru large network of associates
  • Pre-process training / Boot Strap Training / Corporate Induction Program for new hires thru Learning Curve division
  • Recruitment Boot Camp / Walk-in event management / Campus hiring assistance thru Learning Curve division

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Contract / Temporary Staffing

Our Contract / Temporary staffing solutions allow you to meet short / mid term skilled professional needs to meet required short term result areas. We stand by our staff members and result areas. Our offers include

  • Red Apple Inc, certified technically skilled candidates
  • Red Apple Inc, certified soft skill trained candidates
  • Wide range of technology background
  • Entry level to Project / Program Managers on staff
  • Managed by strong on-site / off-site PMO Staff

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Freelance Staffing

Our freelance staffing solutions allows you to find the right talent in short turn around time. This is one time assignment that allows organizations to find the right freelance talent base to create required result areas. Our offers include

  • Red Apple Inc, certified technically skilled freelancer
  • Red Apple Inc, background checked for their claimed skill levels
  • Wide range of proven technology background
  • Proven Track Record with reference clients
  • 3-15 years of experience level
  • Optionally Managed by strong on-site / off-site PMO Staff

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Skill Assessment Services

Manpower is the strategic asset of any organization. It the people in the organization that defines strength of that organization. We assist organizations pick the right talent base required to produce result both technically and thru corporate fitment. Our offers include

  • First level validation of technology and soft skills
  • First level filtering of candidates before they hit your HR group
  • Customized validation services
  • Fully automated / Manual assessments by trained professionals
  • Psychometric Testing Services
  • Aptitude Testing Services

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HR IT Products

We have several applications on license basis or on "Pay-as-you-go" or "SaaS" basis. Other models of licensing can be discussed as deemed necessary.

  • Payroll Application with individual login for each employee over the web
  • Recruitment Application / Resume Management Applications
  • Benefits Management Application
  • Career Mapping Applications
  • Balanced Scorecard Applications
  • and many more...

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For Employer

We understand importance of Qualified manpower for our Business Partners / Clients. Our services are geared to increase productivity of your HR / Recruitment team by reducing time, effort and energy spent on recruiting qualified professionals into your core teams. Here is a sample list of our services

  • Qualifying candidates - Pre certified for soft skills and core technology skills by industry experts
  • Assessment - Assessment tests both manual and automated & customized result interpretation services
  • Pre employment checks - Checking candidate's credentials
  • Cost Reduction - Reduce travel cost by web video based long distance interviews
  • Extended arm - Walk in interview management, Recruitment Camps, Campus hiring
  • Boot-Strap program - pre-process training
  • Sourcing Talent - Thru internal pre-qualified database & network of associates

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For Candidates

We help you realize your potential thru series of automated tests and personal sessions with counselor and interaction with industry experts. This helps you understand your strengths and prepares you for industry. Any gaps in meeting industry demands and your talent, can be bridged thru series of customized training programs. Training programs are both technical and soft skills (Finishing School).

  • Core Skills Assessment Tests - Industry specific testing of core technology skill testing & GAP Analysis
  • Soft Skill Assessment - By trained counselor and also partly thru automated tests
  • Training - up skill yourself to meet needs of the industry
  • Interview Pre-Preparation - Resume Building, interview skills training
  • Interview Preparation - Mock interview sessions better prepare you for real world interviews
  • Hands on training - hands on training program would help you get ahead of your competition

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