Did you know?

  • One would require 15% technical skills and 85% Corporate Etiquette, Social Etiquette, Business Etiquette & Dining Etiquette to make an advancement in your career or personal life
  • No education is complete without a finishing school
  • First impression is made in less than 15 seconds


This is our flag ship product in our L&D Division. It is our belief that "soft skills" sets a person apart from rest of the crowd. Our finishing schools is focused on "Creating Employability".

Our finishing schools creates employability in a person in many ways.

  • First Time Employability - For fresher's
  • Career Progression - Already employed and looking to grow
  • Placement Services - Through our Employment Exchange Division

Our Finishing School is focused on many industries

  • Finishing School - IT
  • Finishing School - Retail
  • Finishing School - Manufacturing
  • Finishing School - KPO, HRO, Call Centers, BPO...

Assessment Services

Our assessment services is a derivative of our Employment Exchange Division. We offer many customized assessment services to suit needs of our clients and partners

  • Soft skill assessment services - highly modular and customizable
  • Technology skill assessment services
  • First level filtering services for fresh recruits
  • Fully computerized assessments or manual assessment by trained professionals


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