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Prime Bit is technology and management consulting division of Red Apple Inc.

Business units of Prime Bit offer services are focused on servicing IT needs of our customers and partners around the globe.

IT Products & Services

IT Products & Services business unit (BU) of Prime Bit offers

Software Consulting Services

Software Consulting Services business unit (BU) of Prime Bit offers

Management Consulting

Management Consulting business unit (BU) of Prime Bit offers


Custom Applications Development

Our experienced system analysts and programmers work on your project from its conceptualization through and beyond its completion and implementation. We will manage the project engagement to ensure that the project remains on its intended course and within budget. It's easy to offer deployable systems and install them, but we will remain with you to insure that your technical personnel and other employees can successfully use the application. We also offer customized support contracts to meet most any need.

Our Services in these areas are focused on:

  • Custom Application Development
    C++, Java / .NET Programming; Embedded software development; Application re-engineering and re-factoring...
  • Internet/Intranet Software Development
    Client/Server and Distributed application development; CRM; Corporate document and knowledge management systems; Web Development
  • Offshore Development Center
    Reserved personnel and equipment for an offshore project according to customer's business goals
  • Application Development
    This includes web based, client/server application development and enhancements to legacy applications
  • Migration and Customization
    This includes: version upgrade services, database migration, re-engineering, functionality upgrades and porting
  • Guidance
    When presented with a list of needs, Red Apple Inc's technical staff researches open source and commercial software solutions, which will save you valuable staff resources.
  • Collaboration
    Red Apple Inc's technical staff can work within the parameters of a larger project to assist your staff or other outside consultants; be it maintenance programming or specific development
  • Specialization
    As a staff, we specialize in a wide range of programming languages (Java, Javascript, C/C++, Perl, PHP, HTML, CSS, to name a few) and open source software.
  • Tools
    The technical staff prides itself on a solid knowledge base of open source options with new tools being researched on an ongoing basis
  • eLearning
    Our eLearning team prides in diverse expertise working various LMS applications as well as building custom LMS solutions on open source. Content management team has varied experience from instructional design, content development, course design, delivery modeling, contact migration to SCROM or AICC.

SMB / SME Software Solutions

We deliver quick results using our proprietary frame work.

  • Quick results using our proprietary development framework
  • Adaptability to your development framework, as need be
  • Tight fit, result oriented applications to suit your immediate needs
  • We maintain what we develop as part of Annual Maintenance contract
  • Data migration services from legacy applications

Software Application Testing Services

Testing can be the Achilles heel of Agile development, as successive iterations makes it difficult to thoroughly test a new application. Red Apple Inc Global Sourcing overcomes this problem by employing a Test Driven Development approach and leveraging the expertise of our own Global Testing Center. Our Quality Management System demonstrates our commitment to continuous quality improvement.

  • Test lab setup
  • Test plan and test design
  • Installation testing
  • Functionality testing
  • Configuration/compatibility testing
  • Performance testing
  • Interoperability and standards compliance testing
  • Regression testing
  • Test automation/scripting

Low risk. High reward

Testing is a low-risk, high-reward entry for Independent Software Vendors (ISV) looking for outsourcing services. ISVs and other software product developers need to test and qualify their products very rigorously using a variety of hardware and software configurations. Typically, the effort involves three-step iterative cycle: Build, Test and Release.

Full range of services

Red Apple Inc Testing Services offers a range of quality assurance and testing services, which include setting up of test labs, regression testing, functional testing, compatibility testing, integration testing, automation testing rational team test and performance testing. Red Apple Inc offers expert management and technical consulting on software testing, quality and software engineering.

SaaS (Software as a Service)

The Software as a Service (SaaS) wave is dramatically changing the software business. SaaS is a model for software delivery where a software company publishes one copy of their software on the Internet and allows individuals and companies to "rent" it through a subscription model. The software company centrally operates, maintains and supports all its customers using this centralized service.

SaaS is a rapidly growing trend in the software market. Industry analysts like IDC and Gartner are forecasting the SaaS market to grow at 25% compound rate over the next five years reaching $19.3 billion worldwide by 2011.

Software companies face substantial challenges moving from a traditional software business to a SaaS business model. Red Apple Inc is working with software vendors to address these challenges. Some of the challenges we hear from software vendors are depicted in the picture below


Our Solution
Red Apple Inc has helped software companies address the challenges through our customized application development framework.

Time to market
Red Apple Inc, using our proprietary framework, allows software vendors (SV) to deliver their software over the Internet within weeks.

Expensive re-write of client/server software to become web-enabled
Our solutions allows SVs to publish their software product without the need to re-write any software. The software must support multiple users in a LAN environment and run under Microsoft's Windows 2000 operating system or later.

Expensive infrastructure investment
Red Apple Inc offers solutions that do not need large capital investment as we provide a managed service including all infrastructure required to host and publish the vendor's software to the Internet.

Increasing software installation and support costs
Red Apple Inc provides a centralized hosted environment so that there is no software to install or maintain on the customer's premises. Backups are done automatically ensuring important customer information is not lost.

Special IT expertise to provide on-line services
Red Apple Inc provides all the technology and expertise to publish, maintain and operate an ISV's software product. The existing IT staff can continue to focus on growing product capabilities and features without needing to learn an entirely new skill set or technology.

PMO (Project Management Office)

PMO division of PrimeBit offers

  • On demand PMO staff augmentation
  • Account management services
  • Client management services
  • Contract negotiation assistance
  • Charter development assistance
  • PMO (PMP) training
  • Hands-on buddy training
  • Senior Executive 101 coaching session

IT Contract Staffing Solutions

IT Contract staffing solutions division works in conjunction with "EmploymentExchange", the staffing solutions division. IT Contract Staffing Solutions division offers

  • Need analysis and right fitment
  • Source candidates thru "EmploymentExchange" division or others
  • Skill assessment and gap analysis
  • Training need analysis
  • Floor-readiness assessment
  • On-the-job hands-on skilling / cross-skilling
  • Temporary staff augmentation services



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